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Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record

Our software Handy Patients Enterprise
About Handylife

About Handylife

Medical informatics company - Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland


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Electronic Medical Record
About Handylife
Medical Specialities

Handy Patients

The new electronic medical record for your medical office. This patient tracker is available for all medical specialties, any language and can be personalized especially for you !

Save time with our software

Our first objective is to provide physicians and their staff with an IT companion that helps to collect medical and administrative information, and then return them in an optimized way to make their work more pleasant, save time, increase the precision and quickness of taking patients in charge, and to automate administrative and billing tasks.

A simple and customizable interface

The electronic medical records “Handy Patients” has been designed for doctors by doctors. It adapts to your medical specialty and specific needs thanks to its fully modular environment. Ultimately, it is you that will choose your way to work. We offer you a pleasant and easy to use software, all the while providing performances adapted to even the most demanding professionals.

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Electronic medical record overview
Product overview
Services for physicians or general practitioners
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Handy Patients Enterprise


Handy Patients Enterprise is the latest version of our electronic medical records for use by professionals and run on desktops, laptops, tablet PC, and UMPC. The software runs under Windows, but can be integrated into Mac OS as well.

You can easily manage and centralize all medical information, from monitoring patients to the billing, managing your agenda and documents, to statistics and much more. Whether you're a specialist or a team that follows patients on a daily basis, you can easily modernize and simplify your work environment through our services.

Your freedom is at hand, choose Handy Patients!


A new generation

This new generation software can be entirely personalized to adapt to any medical specialties, but most important of all to your specific needs.

Electronic medical record SOAPThe SOAP page (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) allows you to quickly insert any information concerning the consultation and its diagnostics according to the international medical standard. If you wish to display these information in an alternative fashion, we will do it for you immediately.

A patient's file summary may be viewed in various ways - sorted by consultation or medical condition for example – thus allowing a very good and quick overview of their file. The file can be edited instantaneously to add information to existing content.

Treatments are recorded in a few clicks and you can tell at a glance which drugs were administered. The creation of the prescription is immediate and can be customized according to the graphic style of your choice. Its readability is exemplary for a physician.agenda

Handy Patients allows the best organization of you and your staff's work. The business agenda provides an overview of your appointments through colors as to demarcate the nature of the consultation. It allows you as well to access instantly each patient's file. It is fully modular and may be shared between several physicians or medical activities. The creation of notes and reminders entrusts the software with important information that you or your secretary may need or want to be reminded at given time.

Automated documents

Electronic health record prescriptionHandy Patients lets you easily create new documents faster. Only a single click is needed to write a consultation report, a health certificate or a prescription.  All documents may be customized with your logo, contact information, and in a structure of your choice. An integrated spelling and grammar checker signals or corrects automatically any errors.

If you are tired after a long day of work, just go back home and relax. You can always manage later in the evening (and in front of your fireplace) your files via Internet.